Asymmetric VR Vs. PC Battle Game 



  • DescriptionBattle your friends to the all in one place no need to leave your couch. One VR headset, two controllers, One computer, and three friends are all that is needed. No more waiting to use the VR headset! You can now play with your friends while waiting.


  • Project Lead, Environment Artist, Game Designer: Lead a team of nine in a 10-week stretch to create Will of the Sea. Modeled large assets (icebergs, boat interior, God head) and textured most assets. Designed how the game would play ( god abilities, boat abilities, level layout, overall workings) with two other game designers and how the start menu would work.


  • Awards/Downloads

    • Scad Entelechy- Game of the Year 2nd Place

    • Itch.io 

      • Downloads: 1,144

      • Views: 8427 


  • Programs: Unity, Maya, Modo, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, HTC Vive

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